Yosemite Inn – February 2018: Update

Let’s not kid ourselves.

You know i’m William D. Arand, I know i’m William D. Arand… so let’s just… keep it real 🙂


A time of… February.

We’ve finished Dungeon Deposed. It’ll be going out to all the beta readers by the end of this week.

After that, it’s a trip down to the editor, and up for sale March 1st.

No idea on the narrator yet, i’m going to put it up to ACX and hold an audition call.

We shall see. 🙂

Next book after this, a new genre, new type, new direction. I can’t say much yet because i’m not doing this alone. Blaise is involved.

Not much to update beyond that.

Wild Wastes 3 is starting to get more fleshed out since it’s going to be next up after the Blaise book.

I’m liking the direction i’m taking with it already.


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