The Axe Falls

The Axe Falls

The Axe Falls cover art

Dominic’s world had been a fairly simple life.

To live his life to the best of his abilities, gain experience, level up, and strive to enjoy himself as best as one could in a backwater.

Which, while tough on its own, was made infinitely harder by his father being the local executioner.

All of that becomes infinitely worse when his entire family is murdered.

Dominic is then thrust into a war between noble houses that had been put on hold for generations.

A war that the royal family lost and now only had one true heir and claimant.

Dominic Randolph.

Now a voice that’s supposedly a Dragon, who happens to be an ancestor, is talking to him. Dominic can have four classes at the same time, which is impossible, and his max levels have skyrocketed to heights unknown.

These are just the first of his royal gifts to be taken back even as the country descends into chaos as the Randolph family returns.

Armed with a new name, his father’s axe, a map leading him to a Dungeon, and whatever he could stuff in a backpack, Domnic’s adventure begins.

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