April 2018 – Gotta go Fast –

So as some of you have noticed, and even commented on, we’re moving along quick quick as could be now.


Right now I seemingly can finish a book in 40-42 days. Since it takes 2-3 weeks to get it edited, covered, and put on amazon, that means we’ll practically be halfway done with the next book by the time the other releases.


This is good news I think, though I’ll need to balance my “burn out” meter a bit more closely.


Broker, now called Fostering Faust, is finishing up it’s second pass and going to the editor soon.


Wild Wastes 3 is already nearing 33%, so you’ll start seeing a lot more chapters popping up on Patreon. Super Sales 2 Audiobook is still May 8th.

Nothing else to report!

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