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Randi Darren - Wild Wastes Group

I’m Randi Darren.

I write books that I want to read.

To that end I should warn you that my books are explicit, and don’t hold to cultural and society norms.

I write whatever ideas I find interesting.

I hope you like them, too.

Yosemite City Inn

The Arand/Darren universe Wiki is live. Update as you see fit, please be careful of the spoilers already there, and what spoilers you add. 🙂 WILLIAMDARAND.WIKIA.COM...

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I’ve escaped! Fostering Faust 2 is what we’re working on now. Don’t listen to anyone else or any other rumors. Probably January of February for...

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Allo everyone. Wild Wastes 3 went very well. SSOSH3 should have more of Vince. Then it’ll probably be Fostering Faust 2. Then a new series....

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May 2018 Update
Good morning everyone, Just dropped a new book. Fostering Faust: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CXSP9TQ Wild Wastes 3 should be done this week, and go up for sale next...

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Let’s not kid ourselves. You know i’m William D. Arand, I know i’m William D. Arand… so let’s just… keep it real 🙂 February! A...

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Alright. So, 2017 was a pretty great year. Time to start up a new one I guess. Wild Wastes should be in September of this...

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