Feb 2018: Update

Feb 2018: Update

February! A time of… February. We’ve finished Dungeon Deposed. It’ll be going out to all the beta readers by the end of this week. After that, it’s a trip down to the editor and up for sale March 1st. Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 audiobook is in production by Nick Podehl. No other updates at this time. No idea on the narrator yet for Dungeon Deposed, either. I’m going to put it up to ACX and hold an audition call. We shall see. 🙂 Next book after this, a new genre, new type, new direction. I can’t say much yet because i’m not doing this alone. Blaise Corvin is involved. Not much to update beyond that. More art by Amelia Parris? More art by Amelia Parris.


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  1. any info on that super sales 2 audiobook

  2. I am so dang ready to read your next book. Keep them coming and thanks for all the great stories so far.

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  4. Look into Alex Wyndham for future audiobooks!. His Work on Embers of Illeniel was masterful, and has become my favorit narrator now.

  5. I really like the picture posted here. I’m looking forward to the new book as well as super sales 3 (one of the most unique and best series I’ve read, thanks for that) and wild wastes 3. Wasn’t a fan at first but it grew on me.

  6. I have a question. When you think up or create a charecter do you think up their backstory and stuff beforehand to implement later? Like Miu Miki where why is a mystery in book one but in book 2 shows her true self.

  7. So glad to hear that the Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 audiobook is in production with Nick Podehl!

  8. ME TOO! The only book I have read (and later bought and listened to the audiobook) was the land chaos seed series. He has a masterful command of many different types of voices and accents.

  9. I agree, I think Nick Podehl is a grand reader as well. Honestly I look more for a story than a reader but I tend to remember the readers who do outstanding.

  10. I'm pretty excited for this New project I'm a big fan of Blaise Corvin too!

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