Saved State Hero

Saved State Hero - 1

Saved State Hero

Have you ever woken up, rolled over, and thought to yourself, “I’m pretty sure I’m working for a Super Villain.”

If you haven’t, then maybe you’re not the type of person to work for a global corporation.

Edmund, however, is just such an individual.

He works for Legion. A corporation of unimaginable reach that he barely understands. A corporation that seems determined to put itself smack dab in the middle of a brewing civil war between Super Heroes and Super Villains.

That doesn’t even take into account the fact that the governments of the world don’t seem to be taking too keenly to Legion, either.

All of that is mostly irrelevant to Edmund though. He works for the company and does all he can to make sure they succeed.

From cleaning up after a bad operation and disposing of bodies, to providing hush money, getting rid of agents from opposing intelligence communities, or just helping an informant escape from a Super Villain. Edmund has done it all in the line of work.

That doesn’t fill up the entirety of his life, however.

The rest of it is trying to get a date with the woman he likes and looking out for his little sister, while hiding the fact he himself has a super power.

A super power that lets him save and load the world whenever he likes. As if it were a video game and subject to his personal whims.

At least, that’s what he thought in the beginning.

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