Super Sales 2: Audiobook

Good evening everyone.
My apologies for being somewhat mum on the whole Audiobook issue.
It’s with a heavy heart that I have to inform everyone that Jeff isn’t going to be working on Super Sales 2 or 3.
At this time, we’re simply going in two different directions professionally.
Jeff is an amazing Narrator, and I know that he’ll pick up an even better author than myself to work with.
I can’t recommend him enough.
At this time, I’ve chosen to give the rights to book 2 and 3 to Podium. My understanding is they’ve hired Nick Podehl to work on the books.
I’m currently putting together time indexes with all the voices and information so that he can pick up as close to the accents and tone that Jeff laid down.
I don’t have any firm details on release dates, but know that it’s coming, and hasn’t been forgotten.

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  1. Wow that sucks πŸ™ Nick Podehl is a really great narrator so i am sure it will be good though. I was really hoping for a Christmas release too.. Oh well

  2. Its a bit of a Bummer that Jeff wont be on it but Nick is another great narrator. Really liked his work in The Land and Stealing Divinity.

  3. Not going to lie, I liked Jeff Hays as a narrator. First listened to him on my first audiobook. But life goes on and for me I'd really like to listen to the second book installment. I really live for audiobooks like these so that even though I'm working at night, I don't have to actually be at work. Keep up the goodwork Mr. Arand. I'm already salivating since you have confirmed another book as well.

  4. Not gonna lie I was super bummed reading the first part of your post about Jeff not doing the narration. Then I perked up when I saw Nick was going to be doing the narration for the next two books.

    He's got a great range of voices and is equally believable as Kvothe, Corin and Taelien. These are three very different characters and he is perfect as each one, so I have no doubt he'll make an excellent Felix.

    I wouldn't know about The Land as I try to avoid listening to LitRPG on principle, it's hard keeping track of all the numbers when I can't see them in front of me.

  5. Id forgotten that he narrated the Kingkiller series. Another great job. The Land is kinda…. Silly. So many meme and penis jokes….

  6. I really like Jeff. He did a great job on all your books so far, so it's disappointing he will not be doing this book also. That said I am very happy to hear we will get an audio book.

  7. That has nothing to do with Podhel though. I agree that the Land is getting Γ₯ bit silly when the MC starts as a normal straight guy to now having sex with a young man and his sister along with incest. I have no doubt that the author has fallen for the SJW pressure these days.

  8. Maybe thats why he seems to have stopped working on it.

  9. I liked Nick in the Gam3 and Sufficiently Advanced Magic. Even if Chaos Seeds is getting silly he is definitely enthusiastic.

  10. For sure, Nick will be one of the best possible replacements for Hays. Just hope the voices wont be too whiney or off putting.

  11. Thanks for the update! It'll be difficult to transition, but he's a great narrator so I have hope. When all this is done, consider asking him to rerecord Super Sales as well – it might help temper the fury of audiobook listeners. πŸ˜›
    All in all, it's better to have this happen early in a series than before it gets really established.

  12. I think Nick will nail it. He's done an amazing job with The Land and I feel like, vocally, his style will encapsulate the characters quite nicely.

  13. Glad Super Sales 2 is number 1 like I knew it would and hope it continues to gain applause from my fellow readers!

    Myself, I'm waiting for the paperback version to see what Felix and Legion will do next (Have to admit after reading the comments and your response to a question I've been wondering who is on the new cover, I thought it was Lily, but glad Kit has this picture (Can't wait to see who will be on the third one when it comes out)! ; )

  14. Just saw the paperback version and purchased it for my personal Christmas present to myself!!

    Like always will leave a review on the Amazon page once I'm done binge reading it!!! : )

  15. Sad to hear Jeff Hayes won't be the narrator anymore. His ability to believably emulate actual female voices was a huge benefit to immersion because the majority of the story's characters are women. That ability seems more related to genetics than training, which is probably why it's so rare among male narrators. Does Nick Podehl have that talent as well? If not that is a major bummer.

    Also, I realized something after reading book 2. If a major guiding principle of Legion is that Races are all equally valued, why is HR called HR? That stands for "Human Resources". Seems racially discriminatory.

  16. Nick Podehl has great female voices, some of them might sound a little whiney which could be a issue. Being able to do female voices isnt everything though,the Alpha World series is a good testiment to that πŸ™‚ HR is probably used because of the demographic of the city if not just so the author dosnt have to change meaningless things like that through long explinations. This whole "victim" and "offensive" olympics that is going around these days will ruin books if allowed to enter them.

  17. eh.. it's never a wise idea to change narrators when they've done a good job. Always makes me much more hesitant to continue series when this happens. Quite a shame.

  18. That's really Kit?…. It looks exactly like how I've pictured Lily. Then again, the first cover looked nothing like I imagined Andrea. Looks like a cosplayer dressing up as her. Always imagined Andrea as just as pretty but warmer. Less sexual yet brighter and more inviting, if that makes sense.

  19. To each their own John. πŸ™‚

    It is what it is.

  20. To each their own, John.

  21. Is there a ETA for the audio book to be released?

  22. I don't have one yet, sorry.

  23. i realy hate it when they change voices it ruins the whole thing

  24. Sorry. Unavoidable. πŸ™‚

  25. Great concept on the books Mr. Arand. Made me think of D & D the whole time. Sorry you lost the relationship with the audio book narrator, but there are a bunch of narrators out there and I am sure it will work out. (Use Jim Butcher's Guy) Hint Hint πŸ™‚

  26. What did you mean when you said you and Jeff Hays are going in separate directions professionally? Is he no longer doing superhero fiction? Or is it some other facet of your series' genre that he's dropping?

  27. Lol. Thanks. We'll get there πŸ™‚

  28. I can't really comment on that as it wouldn't be professional. πŸ™‚

    Jeff and I are going separate ways. That's really all that needs to be known.

  29. oh wow thats really a bummer. love the first book & Jeff is great, I must have listened to the first one around 10 times. I hope Nick can live up to it. Im off to check out some Nick Podehl work to see what I'm in for

  30. I looked him up too. I was surprised, but it seems he's capable of doing convincing female voices too. Not as many different voices as Jeff, and most of them tend to sound a bit less feminine. But still convincingly enough that if you clipped a line of him doing one of his more feminine voices and played it for a random person, that person would definitely think it was a woman talking. He and Jeff are still in a league of their own when it comes to male narrators doing female voices. Does anyone else know other male narrators that can do this? Before hearing about Nick, I thought Jeff was the only one.

  31. R.I.P. Andrea's amazing voice. May the great here-after be filled with pancakes.

  32. Honestly, I don't know of any others, sadly.

  33. I'm pretty confident it'll be fine. πŸ™‚

  34. Listen to the Chaos Seeds series. Nick is pretty good at both male and female voices. Lots of variety and range.

  35. maybe redo the first with nick in time. I have seen audible do this.

  36. I believe nick truly does have that ability. He narrated the "A pattern of Shadow and Light" series which has a good number of female characters and did an excellent job with it. This is just my opinion though.

  37. Ill definitely be reading it now that you filled us in, nick podehl does good work but I personally think he reads it to fast so it sounds stringy, that being said hes got a good voice good luck with sales my man.

  38. Will nich redo the first auido book?

  39. I want a ringtone of Andrew's voice yelling, "Pancakes!" AND I'M willing to pay for an authentic/custom rendition from him! Credit to him, but truly a testament to the writing. Such a fun and borderline psychotic character taken in a positive direction.

  40. So easy to make her regress into a feral trope like so many others. This was unique and light, while still maintaining an air of danger had different actions/responses been made regarding her alias and past actions. And I "second" the interest in having Marsters (SPIKE!) voice to subsequent entries.

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