January: 2018 Onward!


So, 2017 was a pretty great year.

Time to start up a new one I guess.

Super Sales 3 should be in December of this year. This is a fairly rough estimation, but it seems pretty doable right now.

Wild Wastes 3 will be 3 months before that.

Right now, we’re working on Dungeon Deposed. That should be done by February.

Super sales 2 audiobook is progressing. No ETA though yet. Sorry folks.

Things are going well with Patreon.

So much so that we hit our milestone to start doing twitch broadcasts as we write
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WilliamDArand
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/williamarand
Broadcasts are weekdays at 8:00pm MST. We’ll see how it goes!(Twitch is no longer a milestone, or a function that we’re supporting)

Outside of that, not a whole lot going on.


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  1. Super Sales 3 in Dec of 2018 ? REALLY long wait man !!

  2. Sorry duder. I'm a fast writer, and I can put out a book every 3 months, but I learned my lesson last time around.

    Never write the same story back to back to back. Complete burn out.

  3. I think it's daily reasonable considering 3 books a year. Some authors only do one book per year or every other. I really feel fortunate we have a great author writing so many great series all at once. Though I am wondering when we will get back to the otherlife series.

  4. Tried posting this earlier but apparently it got removed.

  5. Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to the audiobook for 2 sooo much, glad to hear wastes 3 soon too! Love your books

  6. Wasn't by me. Though I have noticed that sometimes messages just vanish if they're submitted more than once.

    Thank you for the compliments Dave!

    As to Otherlife… well… for those of you who read Super Sales 2, you're probably aware of why we have to finish Super Sales 3 before we can go back to Otherlife.

    But we'll get there. 🙂

  7. Thanks Calvin!

    We'll keep trucking along. Much to write.

  8. Nick Podehl is a good narratot , i like this work on "Land" series, i hope he will narrate next book , can't wait.

  9. He'll be narrating book 3 as well i believe. 🙂

  10. Long wait?? Arand is super speedy with how good his books are! If you think this is a long wait between books, don't ever get into the Kingkiller Chronicles hahaha xD

  11. I like the second book of super sales quite a bit. At one point Felix feels the ring that Kit, Felicia, and white that stops mind reading. Then he touches the lily shield thing in his dress shirt. I then began to think, Now he just needs a special dog clicker to summon Miu so she can protect him lol.

    Also on a side note, I know that if Felix could alter himself the series would end but as an explanation is he owned by that god? That would explain it or maybe that god just put a limit on his power?

  12. Also, I know this is a long way off but how can I become a test reader? I know there is a concern about people just wanting a free read but I figure if I donate on Patreon then that won’t be a concern.

  13. Patreon gets to read up to 75% of the book for the Inner-circle.

    Beta Readers/Test Readers, are all selected from the patreon ranks (it's a perk to patreon).

    I usually go for about 20-25 people.

  14. Cool, another question though. When will we get to see more of the other races? Like we saw a couple beastkins as Andrea is one and the two reporters and michels wife. But the book speaks of trolls and other races that don’t seem very common in tilen or skipper city. Will we see more races in the next book?

  15. I'm re-reading Super Sales2 once more and I love how Felix came into Skipper's cross hairs without even trying!

    Hope in the third book we see them clash some more since in my opinion, Skipper has met her match in terms of our hero/anti-hero!

    Maybe if the mood suits you, you might consider a stand alone story with Felix and Vince and how both "kingdoms" would react to each other?

    Again just a thought! : )

  16. or game of thrones books you will die of old age before the last one comes out =3

  17. Just gave your book Super Sales2 5 stars on the Amazon Webpage for paperbacks as Star Dragon!

    Can't wait for your third book! : )

  18. Good to hear it 😉 hope the 2nd audio book will be out soon, it draged me in to all Litrpg stile books 😉

  19. Found a possible minor type in super sales book 1 to 2 after reading it again. It doesn't take away from anything for me. I was just wondering if there was a reason. The last points update in book 1: Kit had 3000 points and in book 2 she has 2250. Lily had 3100 in book 1 and 2600 in book 2.

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