February! Wait, really?

February! Wait, really?

And so begins the second month of 2017.

Which is good!

The Otherlife Omnibus drops into the sale category on February 2nd. (Link-https://www.amazon.com/Otherlife-Omnibus-Selfless-Hero-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B01N23IB1P)

Including the spiffy new cover (As seen below!)

I’m also now 33% done with the new super hero book.

I think it’s going quite well!

If you’d like to read the first 3 (unedited) chapters, check out -this- link. (Link-http://royalroadl.com/fiction/chapter/112549)

Other than that, things are as things are.

I figure I can get this book sealed up in the end of April, finish up the Anti Hero novel 2 months after that, and then maybe a third LitRPG novel.

Then it’d be a planned return to Runner.

Or so the road map says.

We shall see.

Ever onwards!


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