A new year, the old one in review

First, a review of the year.
Second, the writing update.

Year in Review:
Well, it’s been a year since I launched Otherlife Dreams and started as a “part time author.”

It’s been interesting!

I didn’t participate in any writing circles. I didn’t ask for help from anyone. I didn’t even have alpha or beta readers.

Truth be told, I never actually expected anyone to even like my first book. It took me about 9 months to write a new book with no backstory or lore that was pre-existing.

When I had finished it, I started doing the editing. I got really mad one night and almost deleted the whole thing. “What’s the point if I can’t even get through editing my own story?” I thought.

Then I gave up. I shoved it into Amazon, waved at it, then went to bed.

I completely forgot about it for three days or so. Binged out playing the Witcher 3 and other things.

Then I logged into amazon to go look for new books to read and remembered i’d thrown mine in there. Checking on it, I was amazed to find people had actually liked it and left reviews.

So I wrote a sequel in six months. Which did well too.

So I wrote the next book in three months. Seems like people enjoyed the whole thing.

Now I’m starting up a new series and I find myself wondering about how far to take this whole thing.

It’s fun to tell stories. I don’t think I could ever make it my “job” though because I write the story I want to hear, rather than what I think will sell. Which means eventually I’m going to write some truly awful stuff.

We shall see!

Writing Update:
As for where I am with my writing?
I wrote about 40,000 words of the Anti-Hero, and found I wasn’t enjoying the story personally. I’ve shelfed it for now while I let my sub-conscious chew on it. It’s not “dead” just dormant for now.

I’ve moved to the Super Hero LitRPG novel instead. After that I’m going to write a Kingdom Building LitRPG novel i think. Then a return to Runner with a new trilogy. I’ve already had some great ideas for it.

Or so that’s the plan for now.

January will see the release of the “Otherlife Omnibus” which will go on sale for 3-6 months, and then i’ll be pulling it down. I personally don’t like the idea of an Omnibus, but many fans asked for it. So we’ll do it.


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  1. Just wanted to say that I loved the series and found this trying to work out if you were going to release anymore recently.

    Personally I listened to the last two books on audio-book narrated by Jeff Hayes and currently he is the only narrator I've actually liked. Please get him to narrate your next books when they come out aswell and keep up the good work!

  2. Well thanks! Yep, totally writing more. already 20k into a new story. A litRPG superhero story. Is fun.

    And yeah, Jeff's great. Definitely going to try and recruit him.

  3. Selfless hero trilogy should be an anime

  4. You should definitely try to get this made into an anime of some kind

  5. That'd be neat? I wouldn't even know how that starts. 🙂 I'd probably have to have the whole thing translated to Japanese first.

  6. Thanks. No idea how that even happens.

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