September: Super Sales on Super Heroes 2

We’re rolling along having a good time. πŸ™‚

Book is progressing well, I don’t have any concerns at this time, though I begin to worry my original timeline may fall a month short.

Putting this more squarely in November.

We’ll see though.

Super Sales part 1 is on sale right now, though for $0.99:

Have a good month and happy Labor Day.


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  1. Woohoo, I'll be having pancakes sometime in November, then. Till then, keep calm and keep writing.


  2. Works for me. I should be finished with my backlog of books by then. Currently working my way through the Bobiverse and then I'm moving on to Emerilia and a menagerie of stand alone titles. After that Im tapping my foot and checking my watch as I glare in your general direction.

  3. Need more PANCAKES!!!!!

  4. PANCAKES!!!!, God i just realized how much of a cluster-fuck a Super Sales Con would be XD

  5. I shall eagerly await Book 2

  6. Cosplayers could be cannon as others

  7. lol. That'd actually be rather funny.

  8. William you would have to Cosplay as Felix , and be surrounded by an entourage of women

  9. Nope. I'd rather be Mr. White, or a nobody.

  10. Love the book, just wondering when will the audible version come out?

  11. I love your work! I have listend to the selfless hero trilogy for the 2nd time now, and super sales for Γ₯ 3ed time. I just cant Seemann to get enough of your amazing story telling. I truly hope the audio books wont be far off from book release. Keep up the great work!

  12. Damn auto correct, lol.

  13. Super Sales is already an audiobook πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks for the kind words!

    Audio for Super Sales is already done. Wild Wastes 2 is in creation.

  15. I meant for your future books πŸ™‚

  16. Ah. Yeah, I see no reason not to ever turn a book into an Audiobook.

  17. Will the 2nd book also be in paperback as well as kindle?

  18. I am now hunting the rest of your books and EAGERLY and impatiently await "More Pancakes" Felix was a character that was easy to root for the whole time!

  19. haha. There's 6 in total.

  20. Will SSoSH 2 also have a subtitle like WW2? If so, will it be 'More Pancakes'?

  21. Probably something dumb.

    Like… Caveat Emptor

  22. So is the SSoSH within the Otherlife universe? Seeing as Runner is a God

  23. Email me if you want an answer.

    Answering here wouldn't be fair to everyone else.

  24. ill hit you up of facebook

  25. Maaaan I just finished the first book. This is gonna be a rough wait, especially as I'll be waiting for the audiobook.

  26. Nah. Jeff Hays is the man. I tend to send him my finished book before it even gets sent to amazon. πŸ™‚

  27. Does that mean we will be seeing an audio book along with the release or close to it? I personally like when people read to me.

  28. That's the hope. Last time it was the same month release as the book. πŸ™‚

  29. That's awesome! Bought the first book on credit because it came up when I bought the Bob-o-verse books and now I am looking forward to the second book.

  30. Sorry i ment for book 2 the .audiobook part, mainly due to if i should try holding out for the audio part of it.

  31. I've been awaiting this book for a while, glad to here it is coming and will be here in just a couple of months.

  32. Hei, Wild Wastes Was actually really great! Looking forward to book 2 on audio aswell πŸ˜€ Any other suggestions with The same type of Org or Corp Building as you two are writing? They are so entertaining when mixed with The supernatural.

  33. Oh hehe, didnt know you were the same person πŸ˜€ Amazing author!

  34. Old questions: First – Original Andrea died before meeting Felix or it was somewhere in your book (like during visit to shop with Eva – the one near death absorbed by chauffeur Andrea?)? Second – did Felix ever tried to see his own stats as hypothetical? If he tried, but it didn't worked would mean that there is no possibility to find any way to upgrade himself, but if it did… πŸ˜‰

    Miu being first on his list means he was first girl he purchased in chapter one, right?

  35. Also wonder how Loyalty Bonus looked like at end of book one just before and after Kit was rescued when Felicia and her were only alive? Would explain a lot I think. πŸ˜‰

  36. Andrea was fatally wounded in the care, but it wasn't Prime.

    Original prime did die.

    Miu may or may not have been first.

  37. Just finished reading Builders Sword by J. A. Cipriano. I thinks its due to the similarities between the books but the author does a bit of a nod to Andrea about 60% into the story. Anyone who has read Super Sales will see it. It was awesome.

    Was wondering why Felix never thought about giving the abilities to give powers to items he owns…. Like a pill that he modifies so that it ups the stats or grants abilities to whoever takes it. He could godmod himself.

  38. Id have to be Dimitri.

  39. I bet he could mod himself if he ever found a way to buy himself. Or he could mod pills or sausages to mod whoever consumed them. Thats what Id have done.

  40. I'll cut to the chase.

    Felix's inability to modify himself is me forcing the issue as the author.

    The moment he can modify himself, is when the series ends. It'd be too overwhelming.

    I could have him try to do it, but I'd make the point value as 1 billion.

    In his world, his universe, he will never modify himself. Unless the series is ending. πŸ™‚

  41. Yeah I guess it would be a bit of a game breaker. I suppose at most all the sausages should do for him is up his point value a bit. Nobody like a protag that just rolls over all opposition without noticing its there.

  42. the points are not the main issue, he had over 100.000 points a day and can more points by lowering the value of something (lower the value of things, undo healing ect), so he could make himself immortal or something even if it takes 1.000.000 points. After that modify his ablity to have unlimited points by himself. Its a clear game breaker and makes for a shitty story (god among man) so lets be thankful its impossible ^^

  43. This is great news! I've been waiting for a follow-up since stumbling across this I'm audible earlier this summer! Pancakes!!

  44. Question: I've gotten your audiobook of Super Sales on Super Heroes, and am enjoying it. However, I also want to buy an e-book copy, and don't have a Kindle: do you think you'll ever release it for purchase on Kobo, or is it Amazon only for now?

  45. There is no reason to ever go to Kobo or Barnes and Noble. I tried once, and found that it was little better than a handful of sales.

    The ability to push books on and off KU is too great to ever put them on other services.

  46. Ah phooey, but I see your reasoning. Well, once I get to the end of it, maybe I'll break my usual trend and get a Kindle version. It's easy enough to transfer Kindle stuff over anyways πŸ™‚

  47. Ok… I have to say it… Super Sales on Super Heroes is one of my favorite books EVER! And I'm SUPER excited for book 2. I would have been so incredibly sad if you hadn't been making a second. It's literally in my top 10, right up there with Brent Weeks and Patrick Rothfuss. Keep up the amazing work. And also…. this would make an AMAZING movie or TV show…. probably an anime.

  48. I've been told that a few times. I'd definitely agree if I was approached but… so far, nothing.

  49. I'm glad I stumbled across this book and I love it I'm a truck driver so audio books are my best friend so I got to know if this a series of books or a one off in audio format….plea write more…..I must have pancakes!!!!

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