Otherlife Nightmares: Audio Book update

Short and sweet.

Jeff Hays has signed on to do the narration for book 2.

We’re looking at an availability date sometime in mid August.

End of Line.

It’s live!




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  1. I just finished book one (and left a 5 star review on Audible.com). I want book two 'yesterday' (sigh). Well thank you for letting me know the status (double-sigh)

  2. rofl.

    Working on it. The narrator and I are in discussions for book 3 as well. Since I finished that up this weekend.

    We're considering the idea of releasing the audiobook simultaneously with the kindle release.

    No guarantee on that.

  3. Congratulations on completing the writing on Book 3!

  4. You sir are the perfect author for impatient fans!! You powered through like 70℅ of the book in like a month.

  5. Haha, it was an interesting mad dash.

  6. Thanks Michael 🙂

  7. Wooo. I almost broke down and got the book on kindle. Glad I didn't, I'm sure I can hold out a bit longer for the audiobook. Keep up the great work.

  8. or you could just be a kind consumer and get both….

  9. I'd never suggest such a thing Thousand Blades but… It'd be helpful 🙂

  10. You use Persuade on Fan, Fan is Persuaded.
    You use Seduce on Fan, Fan is Seduced!

  11. Ok, that actually made me chuckle McGee. Points.

  12. I'll be here all week! 😉

  13. Haha! Well done, McGee.

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  15. Excellent news! I just finished the book one audiobook moments ago, and panicked when I failed to find the next. Jeff Hays and crew were excellent narrators. I hope you can keep them all on.

    Loved every moment of Otherlife Dreams. Hoping book two becomes available very soon via Audible.

  16. Just realized Jeff did ALL the voices, lol. That guy is good. Accents on point too.

  17. Yep, he's kinda awesome like that.

    Did I mention that Book 2 audio book is dropping any day now?

  18. I keep hitting refresh on this page waiting for news about Book 2 audio book… 🙂

  19. Downloading on Audible.com now!

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