Otherlife Awakenings: September Update.

Otherlife Awakenings:

It’s been sent over to Jeff Hays to begin recording the audio book. Once he’s done, we’ll be posting it to Audible. The day it goes live is the same day i’ll be pushing the actual book.

We’re trying out a dual release approach to see what happens.

Related news, Jeff has mentioned he plans on recording the book live. If you’d like to hear him, get a sneak peak on the next book, or get an idea on how he does the process, watch for updates here: https://twitter.com/fiatcelebrity

Next Book:

I’ve already started writing another book. Last count I was 21k words into it after 2 weeks. I think it’s coming along in an interesting way so far. Will update with more as I get further along.


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  1. Interesting. I look forward to the day of release.

  2. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and watch me record the first chapter on Periscope! Wednesday at 12:00 CST.


  3. Yay because I am almost done listening to Otherlife Nightmares (great book actually better than the first) and was about to go into major withdrawals!

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