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Current Rewrite: Chapter 23 of 23

Sent to the editor.

Cover: 1st Pass complete

Audiobook: In production

Possible release date: September at the earliest/October at the latest

(Will update as this changes)

Oh, and here’s a gdrive link to the unedited 2nd pass of Chapter 1.
The gdrive link at the bottom is chapter 1 and chapter 2. The unedited 2nd pass versions of them that is.
Gdrive link at the bottom is chapter 1, 2, and chapter 3. The unedited pass versions of course.

Because reasons.
Because McGee.

I ask only for you to forgive spelling/grammar/syntax as it’s yet to be edited. 🙂
Read at your own risk in its unpolished glory.



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  1. You cliffhanger-writing son-of-a-….!
    Seriously though, nice chapter, can't wait for the rest. Keep it up!

  2. My cliffhangers only ever happen on chapters. Never at the end of a book. 😉

    I'm a nice cliffhanger author.

    But since you're right, i'll kick over Chapter 2 this weekend.

  3. I had noticed, both books 1 and 2 had very nice, conclusive endpoints. But, "only" one chapter and it is a cliffhanger? Such a tease lol, especially since I'm already waiting (impatiently) on like 7 or 8 series that I check everyday xD.
    Oh, and a new chapter? Thank you so much, I was afraid you were going to leave it at that.

  4. I think cliffhangers ARE indeed very painful if unavoidable plot devices; as chapter ends, they serve to make the book one you don’t want to put down –but having such a big one on the very first chapter? That’s just mean. 🙁

    Hehehe, kidding (mostly). The fact that you don’t leave the character precariously dangling off a cliff at the end of a book is indeed greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing chapter 1 (and thank you in advance for chapter 2 –whenever it is available-).

    An estimated 1-2+ more months? [tiny sob]. Thank you for the update.

    Regarding feedback (however unhelpful it may be), in my unprofessional very non-editor opinion, there were very few spelling errors -which my inner mild grammar Nazi greatly appreciated-; the only biggie that does jump out and stays with me is: "alot–> a lot", which tends to be more of a typo by missing the space anyway (or at least that is how I appease myself when I see it). Some grammar and syntax -mostly punctuation-, though again, this is IMHO only, so, not as bad as you made it sound (which is quite nice).

    Plus, learnt a new word (demesne), which is always cool, so… thanks for that. 🙂

    I have debated with myself regarding requesting edit access, since I don’t know if it would be more of a help or a hindrance to you for others to root around your document, however well-intentioned they might be.

  5. If only you had said something when it was going into beta, you might have already gotten to read book 3. 🙂

    1-2 months does seem a bit away doesn't it. Maybe i'll release more than just the first 2 chapters.

    Appreciate the feedback. Yeah, alot is a weird one. Altogether, alot, already, although. English is scary.

    How about chapter 2 now? Yeah. Now.

  6. Meany :P.
    See, I really thought about it and was considering doing it, but my work load is a bit unpredictable from week to week, and I didn’t want to sign up for it only to find out that week that I did not have time to get to it and give feedback, so I abstained (Murphy’s rule and all).

    Time is weird, but yes, subjective waiting time for something you want or enjoy is always longer, so, thank you.

    English IS scary. English as a parallel second language is nightmarish (leading to the birth of my inner mild grammar Nazi as a defense mechanism).

    Yay for chapter 2 -on my way to read it… now-.

    Thank you.

  7. Thanks for not leaving this one as a cliffhanger.

    I do have a comment (more of a personal view); considering you are bringing up more than poly aspects of the lifestyle, (I should really have signed up for the beta after all, considering my aversion to public forums in regards to this) and adding a bit more than B/D undertones to mentioning D/s possibilities.
    Personally, from a D's point of view, I don’t see s’s as necessarily, automatically broken. Some can be -and indeed, unfortunately some are- “broken”, and it can be very fulfilling to help them heal and grow, -even if it almost invariably inevitably changes the relationships in the end-. However, as a general rule, I find that “normal” is relative, and many of those who seek to dominate and those who seek to submit (in a consensual way), though not conforming to all of societal norms, can and do generally live quite healthy and happy lives. The trick is just to find the appropriate counterpart(s) for it.
    … Ok, down from my soap box I go.

    Other than that, loved the chapter (and again, thanks for not leaving it hanging).

    Once more, not sure how/if helpful but a couple of typos (disregarding "alot"):
    Page 15.
    Her skin tone staring –> starting

    Page 21
    Clicked shut than Runner her –> heard

  8. After reading a Russian series, Way of the Demon, by Alexey Glushanovsky using only Google Translate, most mistakes made then criticized in KU seem ridiculous. Those "horrible, terrible" mistakes don't actually cause bewilderment and detract from the story. For an example from that series, a female supreme vampire's personal pronoun is either "it" or "he" seventy-five percent of the time.
    I would recommend the story, but as a grammar Nazi, you might have a heart attack. 😉
    Also, the first book is translated into English, which is the the only reason I know that she is a "supreme vampire"–the Russian doesn't translate literally (which is seem often throughout the other three books), resulting in words simply in Roman lettering instead of Cyrillic.

  9. I know. It is a failing, but I deal.

    I know exactly what you mean. I read books 1-3 of "The Way of the Shaman" by Vasily Mahanenko as they were translated, then, for 4-7 had to used Google translate.
    Oh, the pain, not quite a heart attack but my mind kept having to make leaps, saying "nope, not even going to let you see that, don't think about the words, think about the context, only the context" (it is different when speaking of forcefully translated text and purely English to begin with for some reason, that is also why I say my inner grammar Nazi is actually mild).

    But a gripping story is a gripping story.

  10. Just devoured chapter 2, hungry for more 🙂
    By the way, are you planning on continuing this setting after the third book?

  11. I am currently resisting the urge to do the same with Mahanenko's books; the reason I read Way of the Demon using Google Translate was books two through four were not planned to be translated, despite reconsidering after many fans protested.
    A gripping story is worth quite a bit of effort IMO.
    P.S. If you drop any spoilers on the Way of the Shaman, I will be greatly displeased ;p

  12. Mm, yes?

    Just not immediately. Probably a trilogy away for another idea, and eventually coming back.

    Maybe. Not sure. It'll make more sense when you read the end of book 3. 😀

  13. *gasp* You mean you're going to make me wait?? No author has EVER done that before!! xD
    I'm glad, it's too good to end after only three books.

  14. Now, I'm only saying this as a representative of the actual McGee family, feel free to use other family members' names. I.E.: Fatty McGee, Brains McGee and his sister Tits McGee, cousins Smelly McGee, Speedy McGee and Slutty McGee, there is also Sweaty McGee, Whiny McGee, Speedy McGee, Slippery McGee, Fibber McGee the rare Stumpy McGee, and the coveted MaGoo. I'm sure there are definitely more but the family is huge and just appreciates the recognition after so long out of the spotlight. Enjoy… as you said…

    Because McGee 😉

  15. I salute you, representative of the family. Breathing was difficult after reading this.
    Why? Because…McGee. 'Nuff said.

  16. *nom* There goes chapter 3. 🙂

  17. I'm glad I could get the laugh. And I salute you, but out of habit because I like saluting.

  18. Don't be a Pandora's Actor, now. 😉

  19. Might I suggest celebrating the audio book with a chapter? 😉

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