November: Super Sales 2


Super Sales 2 is past the 75% point.

We’re looking at a December release now.

Beta readers will be selected from Patreon (

Enjoy your Turkey Day.


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  1. Great! I hope the Audio book comes out soon after. The last one was epic.

  2. Should. Already worked it out with Jeff.

  3. i just finished reading the first one today!! this is some great news, thanks for the great book!! (Love Andrea!)

  4. Can't wait for the next book to come out I just got done listening to the first one for about the third time

  5. Can't wait, just finished book 1 audio, hoping Jeff Hays returns for book 2 😀

  6. I'm really glad to hear that Jeff is really good.

  7. Totally can't wait! My wife has been hounding me about book two!

  8. Awesome. Let us know when its available for preorder please. I'll definitely pick it up. May I suggest to anyone and everyone to pick up Morningwood, Everybody Loves Large Chests while waiting for Super Sales 2 though. Absolutely hilarious and Jeff Hays narrates.

  9. First of all i loved the first book. Second, do you know how much time will it take for the book to be availuable in audible? I listened to the first book liek that and i would like to experiance the second in the same way

  10. I’m excited to read the second book. I’ve read the first book like 4. Times then bought the e book lol. Btw, do you have a plan for how many books you want to do in this world “super sales of super heroes world” I mean?

  11. If there is any series i want more than 3 books from it is this one 😀 To be fair though i want the quality shown so far over quantaty. World building mixed with super powers hit every aspect of my interest though so i wouldnt say no to 10 more books 🙂

  12. I prefer long series anyway so I would like that as well however, it has to be profitable to the writer so i understand some people like short series. Also, it would be tough writing about the same thing for years. Sometimes i figure there is writers block or some would just get bored with it. im hoping for at least 3 in this series. Hopefully more

  13. Excellent. Discovered your book by chance last week, and devoured it. Love Andrea, Kit, and all of the others.

  14. I cannot wait for book 2!

  15. Though I’m probably one among thousands of fans, probably double if not triple digit thousands, but just was wondering if I should hold out hope for a “SUPER2” Xmas if not, s’all good. I’d rather it be beautiful than rushed. As long as it’s not an “until April” wait. Cause then one never knows if it’s a joke or not. All the best.


    P.S. not rushing you, my name IS actually Asa P.(Povenmire) just to clarify to still take your time.

  16. Reminds me of when Terry Pratchett split the difference and gave his newest release an immediate British release and Americans needed to wait "until April" for the release of the same book.

  17. Very excited for the second installation. Will wait for the audio book as Jeff did so much justice to all the characters you created in the first book. My favourite read to date, the second book cannot come quick enough! Hopefully the resurrection of Andrea will be included as that was a scene that I was disappointed about missing!

  18. I'm very excited for this sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book…well enough to recommend it to several friends. We're all waiting patiently.

  19. Really looking forward to the second book. Been waiting for it ever since I read the first one back in May, and still looking forward to it after having re-read the first one several times. Actually think I might go and read it again while waiting for book 2.

  20. Just started to re-read it this morning. Just as good as I remembered it being.

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