Mid May Update

Otherlife Dreams the Audio Book version is now available at:


Otherlife Nightmares has passed through the beta readers and is now in it’s second pass. It’ll be going to the editor shortly.

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  1. Just finished the audible version of your book. Very entertaining with some great twists and some real "what would I decide" momments. Great job overall. I liked your narrator but the studio needs to really balance that audio volume, some parts were very difficult to hear even at max.

  2. Audio was terrible at points, especially the beginning. Almost returned the book within the first few minutes, but the reviews were so good I decided to tough it out. Glad I did.

  3. First off I would like to say that I would have never known about this book if it wasn't in Audiobook form (on Audible).

    Second the audio levels in the beginning where weird but I never had any issues with it.

    Third, I loved the book. I can't wait for the second to, hopefully, be on Audible as well and the third to be finished and up as well. Especially since the second you said was darker than the first. The book in it's entirety was a great run and I thorougly enjoyed it from start to finish. The choices, the thought provoking ethical and moral questions, and that twist at the end had me wanting much much more.

    I am glad I found this blog so that I could post this. Good luck on your future books, I will be getting them all!

  4. Thanks! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    Honestly I found alot of joy in writing some of the strange twists and turns that happened. They were never too horrible, but neither were they the super happy sunshine that seems to crowd books today.

    I'm in talks with the narrator, hopefully I can get him started on book 2 soon.

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