Mailing List: How to keep up to date with new books and updates.

So, people continue to ask me, how can they keep in touch, or at least aware of what’s going on.

Being the idiot I am, it took me a while but I listened and made a mailing list.

This is for those who don’t trawl Facebook or Blog often.

It’ll end up being a monthly Mailer only or when a new book drops.

Fun times.

Here’s the link for the mailer-

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  1. Thanks that's most welcome.
    What would we do without it.
    I mean outside of pestering you. 😉

  2. Clearly the answer to that is, "Stalk me."

  3. so if i were to start a kickstarter for superheroes book 2 how much money would it need to accrue for u to take 6 months or so off to wright it

  4. So… that's a legit question I suppose.

    I've considered putting up a Patreon and letting people in to see what i'm working on. Like getting 33% of the book ahead of time kind of thing as i'm working on it.

    Then using those people as the pool for beta readers.

    I never went through with it though. It always kinda felt…ludicrous.

  5. not really. I support several Authors via Patrion, and they post "reward" chapters for works in progress monthly, as a nice perk for supporters. But I'd support them anyway, even without the "reward" chapters. To me, $5 a month isn't even noticed, and I feel better supporting them, even if it's only a little. then when the book comes out, I buy it. E. William Brown is one example of an author I support on Patreon

  6. personally i think its a great idea i can only throw so much of my income at people and things i like and the comments are full of people like myself who loved the first book and read through it in days (2 in my case)

  7. I would also support you via Patrion. Just finished the book. Overall I really enjoyed it. My favorite characters are Andy, Lilly and Kitt. Though with that said there were a few things I noticed that seemed off to me. Maybe I am jumping the gun and book two will address them. But as a novice writer myself I feel I should put it out there. The first thing that got me was how hard everyone was working to protect Felix. It would be in their best interest to let him die. Nor was anyone especially concerned with being property. Felix also had two possible issues, first he gave the order to kill without blinking. Second his ability to revoke death makes many possible threats non existent. These were the glaring issues that made me stop and scratch my head. Beyond that it was well written and entertaining. I thank you for an awesome book. I can't wait for number 2. Do we have an ETA for that?

  8. You may have missed it, but if he dies they go back to the state to be resold, especially the supers he bought some of them can't be freed. Think about the life they have, and the life they could have, especially the first three. Back on the table they could go, they all remember waking up in there mutilated bodies. Loyalty to the person who saved and fixed them is going to be high. Also remember he can't do anything if he dies.

  9. Well, I made one.

    I'll probably share it in a few weeks just to see what happens.


  10. Makes sense.

    I wish he'd write the next Daniel Black book already.

  11. Iouthan:
    Three months or so from now. Give or take a few weeks.

    Should be good 🙂

  12. Arthur:

    Exactly! 🙂

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