Book 2: Otherlife Nightmares

Work continues.
The outlining process finished the day I published book one. Writing has begun in earnest and we’re on our way.

I find myself wondering what people thought about my characters as I continue to delve into their minds and psyches.


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  1. I'm loving the characters so far. You've left enough room to develop them in new ways as they find themselves while giving you an understanding of who they were. I'm hoping we'll find out more of their history. Like why Nadine has the stutter and scars? Why Hannar turned on her old guild? Who Thana really is? And why was Katarina in the cage? So yeah so far I'm loving them!

    Hoping for more males to enter the frame tho as a lot of litrpg books base it on 1 guys and many women and it can get a little annoying.

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